Phono Equalizer


The E-2 supports both conventional MC/MM cartridges and DS Audio photoelectric cartridges through technical collaboration with DigitalStream.
This is an all-in-one phono equalizer that enables playback using a full range of phono cartridges.

Non-NFB phono equalizer circuits dedicated to photoelectric cartridges
The equalizer elements is configured with a differential emitter bypass circuit and a new circuit is adopted to significantly reduce circuit impedance. SOULNOTE's original perfectly balanced non-NFB circuits are free from electrical stress and do not require phase compensation or bandwidth limitation. These circuits allow the benefits of photoelectric cartridges to be maximized. The combination of the photoelectric system's exceptional transient responsiveness with non-NFB produces a shockingly vibrant and vivid music soundscape.
* Photoelectric cartridges do not support past TOSHIBA or TRIO cartridges.

MC LOAD switching
The E-2 is equipped with six types of load impedance switching features to extract the most from the MC cartridges in use.

Inputs capable of connecting with four types of systems
The E-2 allows simultaneous connection and switching between four inputs: MC balanced, MC/MM unbalanced (2 types), and dedicated photoelectric cartridge.

MM load capacity switching
Three kinds of load capacity switching functions are employed to fully demonstrate the extreme capabilities of MM cartridges.

Wide support of old-time EQ curves pre-RIAA (at MC/MM)

Six kinds of Roll-Off (high range attenuation frequency), four kinds of Turn Over (low range amplification frequency), and six kinds of Low Limit (ultralow frequency amplification limit) are all independent of each other and can be changed individually. Together, they offer a total of 144 types of curves, from Decca and Columbia to the first SP records (with Flat response). By using these individual adjustment knobs, the most appropriate equalizer curve can be selected, or, alternatively, the equalizer curve can be customized to use the included equalizer curve sheet. We use mechanical relays for switching the equalizer curve to ensure the highest sound quality.

Perfectly balanced non-NFB phono equalizer circuits (at MC/MM)

The differential amplifier gain has precise RIAA characteristics as a result of the balanced load circuits and uses SOULNOTE's original perfectly balanced non-NFB circuits to eliminate the shortcomings of conventional NF and CR-type circuitry. The boards for the right and left channels are completely independent of each other, while the dual mono configuration creates precise and expansive spatial presentations.

Featuring a 400 VA massive toroidal transformer and high-speed non-NFB power supply

Using an extremely powerful 400 VA bifilar wound transformer as a single unit unveils the inherent potential of the GND and power supply. The combination of multiple capacitors of small size connected in parallel with a high-speed non-NFB regulator results in delicate playback that recreates a totally accurate soundscape reflecting sonic details, such as the air rising from the stage.

Chimney-type heat sink
The heat sink is a newly developed chimney type that pursues a shape with high cooling efficiency and low intrinsic vibration.

Phase inversion feature
The E-2 is equipped with a phase inversion function that switches between the balanced outputs' HOT and COLD to eliminate sonic warping as a result of the circuits.

Low gain feature
Considering the headroom of the connected preamplifier, etc, the E-2 is equipped with a low gain feature to lower the output level.

MONO mode
The left and right channels are combined and output as monaural.

Degaussing feature (at MC/MM)
“Short-circuit the input”. By enabling this feature, the phono cartridge can be effectively degaussed during record playback. It can also be used as a MUTE feature when the stylus settles on the record.

Balanced output
A strong balanced output is obtained by employing a fully balanced non-NFB buffer amplifier that is even capable of driving loudspeakers.

Input sensitivity   MC:0.4mV , MM:4mV , OPT:50mV
Gain   MC:72dB , MM:52dB , OPT:30dB
Rated output   Balanced output:2.8V , Unbalanced output:1.4V
RIAA deviation   ±0.2dB
MC Load resistance   3ohm , 6ohm , 12ohm , 24ohm , 40ohm , 100ohm
MM Load capacitance   100P , 200P , 350P
MM Load resistance   47kohm
Equalizer frequency ROLL-OFF [KHz]   1.59 , 2.12(RIAA) , 2.59 , 3.18 , 6.89 , FLAT
Equalizer frequency TURNOVER [Hz]   250 , 390 , 500(RIAA) , 630
Equalizer frequency LOW LIMIT [Hz]   50(RIAA) , 71 , 100 , 125 , 150 , FLAT
Power voltage   220V AC 50Hz(E-2H), 115V AC 60Hz(E-2T)
Power consumption   48W
Maximum external dimensions   Main unit: 455(W)×162(H)×410(D)mm
Weight   20.5kg
Included accessories   Spikes,Power cord

Rear panel

Included accessories
Spikes,Power cord

User Manual

Notes on this product

Temperature settings
The circuit current in SOULNOTE products relies on solutions with the highest emphasis on sound quality and safety. Functionality and sound quality generally improve when the transistors operate at higher temperature.。

Anti-vibration housing
SOULNOTE products place the highest emphasis on sound quality, so the top cover, chassis, and other components do not employ vibration isolation.

Regarding use of electronic equipment cleaners and contact rejuvenation products on SOULNOTE products
Commercially available electronic equipment cleaners and contact rejuvenation products could damage the resin components of SOULNOTE AC inlets. Do not use these types of chemical products on SOULNOTE equipment.