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USB-ZERO LINK bridge to build the ultimate separate USB DAC


ZERO LINK is a standard formulated by SFORZATO and SOULNOTE. It is an ultimate link for achieving as high audio quality as possible. ZERO LINK dramatically reduces workload of the D/A converter and eliminates asynchronous circuity from the housing of the D/A converter. This product handles entire asynchronous circuit and ZERO LINK transmits only signals that are polished by the sophisticated clock transmitted from the D/A converter, to the D/A converter. As a result, unparalleled audio quality can be obtained. ZERO LINK is a solution that surpasses even the highest-level analog playback.
*A ZERO LINK designated cable is supplied with this product.

Click here for an explanation of ZERO LINK
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High-power Non-NFB Power Supply

A 200 VA toroidal transformer which has an enormous capacity and which is usually used for power amplifiers is adopted. For the rectifier diode, ultra-fast SiC diode is equipped for the first time. A multitude of electrolytic capacitors with low magnification and low capacity are connected in parallel to make up a group of rectifier capacitors. For regulators, SOULNOTE unique non-NFB power is supplied.

Housing designed with highest priority placed on Sound Quality

The top cover with the top-bottom sides unsecured can prevent air-dumping. In addition, an unsecured AC inlet, an unsecured output terminal, 3 spike supports located just under the transformer, titanium washers, and carbon washers are adopted. These parts and ideas were singled out as a result of placing the highest sound quality.

Input   USB
Output   ZERO LINK
*BULK PET,JPLAY supported
Power voltage   230V AC 50Hz
Power consumption   23W
Maximum external dimensions Main unit   430(W)×111(H)×376(D)mm
Weight   7.8kg
Included accessories   Spikes, ZERO LINK cable, power cable

Rear panel

Included accessories
Spikes, ZERO LINK cable, power cable

User Manual

Notes on this product

Never connect XLR-RCA converter cables, adapters, short pins, or similar connectors to analog output terminals. They could damage the equipment.

Temperature settings
The circuit current in SOULNOTE products relies on solutions with the highest emphasis on sound quality and safety. Functionality and sound quality generally improve when the transistors operate at higher temperature.。

Anti-vibration housing
SOULNOTE products place the highest emphasis on sound quality, so the top cover, chassis, and other components do not employ vibration isolation.

Regarding use of electronic equipment cleaners and contact rejuvenation products on SOULNOTE products
Commercially available electronic equipment cleaners and contact rejuvenation products could damage the resin components of SOULNOTE AC inlets. Do not use these types of chemical products on SOULNOTE equipment.