Phono Equalizer

Premium Silver/Premium Black

A phono equalizer dedicated t o DS Audio optical cartridges

A new Type-R circuit, fully balanced non NFB

Newly developed discrete, non-NFB, balanced amplification circuit (New Type-R circuit) dedicated to optical cartridges. Not only the voltage amplification, but also the output stage is a single system that operates entirely with respect to GND, eliminating push-pull and bias circuits. From input to output, the signal passes through only four transistors. A very simple non-NFB circuit protects the freshness of the music signal with excellent transient response of optical cartridges.

Super-strong power supply with 3 power transformers

The power supply consists of three transformers: a large transformer dedicated to the New Type-R Circuit with independent left and right circuits, and a transformer for the LED power supply of the optical cartridge. For a phono amplifier of only 19W, the power consumption has a power supply capacity equivalent to that of a 500W power amplifier. This margin supports unwavering music reproduction.A newly developed power transformer with copper short ring is used as the analog power transformer.This further improves the fine expression by suppressing noise caused by leakage flux.

Power Separated Phono Cable Compatible

The XLR input terminals are compatible with the "power supply separated phono cable" developed by DS Audio and Uesugi Laboratories. By separating the paths of the fine phono signal and LED current, the SN and dynamism that are the characteristics of optical cartridges are further improved.

High-speed non-NFB power supply

For the rectifying capacitor, a specially selected high withstand voltage small capacitance low magnification foil filter capacitor is used. To optimize the capacity, the number of units used was determined and the load on the power transformer was reduced. This further improved the real regulation of the ultra-powerful power transformer. For the rectifier diodes, SiC diodes of the latest specifications with enhanced allowable inrush current are used. This is the most powerful and high-speed power supply configuration ever considered. In addition, two large power relays with excellent sound quality are used independently and without fixing as power switches for the two main power transformer. In other words, the power switch on the front panel is dedicated to the control system sub-transformer. Independent power switch for each power transformer, which is a high current contact point, is very effective in terms of sound quality.

Unfixed structure

The amplifier block, terminals, AC inlet, top cover, and bottom cover are all unfixed.

RSR-2-12D (Reference SOULNOTE Relay)

An ultra low loss glass tube sealed reed relay that performs similar to a mercury relay as a base has been further customized. This is an original custom relay created by SOULNOTE that can reach sound quality levels comparable to that of wire. The E-3 uses the RSR-2-12D for all relays through which audio signals pass.

Ultra high-quality naked foil resistors

We have applied artificial satellite grade ultra-high precision foil resistors with exceptional temperature properties and have made additional customizations with an emphasis on sound quality. These ultra-high sound quality resistors were developed in-house and employ a naked foil design to eliminate dumps with mold resin. The E-3 uses ultra high-quality naked foil resistors for all resistors related to sound quality.

Input:   1(XLR), 1(RCA) (DO NOT connect both)  Dedicated to optical cartridges
Output:   1(balanced), 1(unbalanced)
Sensitivity(1kHz)   50mV
Rated output(1kHz)   2.54V(balanced), 1.27V(unbalanced)
Maximum output(1kHz)   12V(balanced), 6V(unbalanced)
Gain(1kHz,balanced input)   34dB (balanced), 28dB (unbalanced)
RIAA deviation   ±0.2dB
THD (1kHz with 20kHz LPF)   0.03% (balanced 2.54V)
Power voltage   230V AC 50Hz
Power consumption   19W
Maximum external dimensions (including spike feet)   454(W)×189(H)×407(D)mm
Weight   27kg
Included accessories   Spike board, spikes,spacer(for Spike board floating), power cable

Rear panel

Included accessories
Spike board, spacer, spikes, power cable

Spike board dimensions   474(W)×20(H)×413(D)mm

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Notes on this product

Never connect XLR-RCA converter cables, adapters, short pins, or similar connectors to analog output terminals. They could damage the equipment.

Temperature settings
The circuit current in SOULNOTE products relies on solutions with the highest emphasis on sound quality and safety. Functionality and sound quality generally improve when the transistors operate at higher temperature.。

Anti-vibration housing
SOULNOTE products place the highest emphasis on sound quality, so the top cover, chassis, and other components do not employ vibration isolation.

Regarding use of electronic equipment cleaners and contact rejuvenation products on SOULNOTE products
Commercially available electronic equipment cleaners and contact rejuvenation products could damage the resin components of SOULNOTE AC inlets. Do not use these types of chemical products on SOULNOTE equipment.