10MHz Clock Generator

Premium Silver/Premium Black

Born out of discovery of World-first designing principle
It's an incredible breakthrough in designing Clock generator.

SC Cut ultra low phase noise OCXO

The X-3 incorporates an SC Cut ultra low phase noise OXCO (thermostatic bath-type crystal oscillator) selected for its unprecedented sound quality.

Naked foil resistors

As they greatly impact clock sound quality, the output resistors employ naked foil resistors adapted from artificial satellite grade ultra-high precision resistors, with exceptional thermal properties and low thermal noise. We believe that at this stage, this is where extraordinary resistors are most effective.

SMA output terminal

The output clock signal originates from an SMA terminal with specs above 20 GHz. Only one output is provided for the ultimate sound quality. The X-3 is supplied with an SMA–SMA 50ohm dedicated clock cable, but we highly recommend using the optional RCC-1 clock cable. Relive music that unleashes the ambiences of the soul.

Non-NFB power supply

An overwhelmingly large capacity 200VA toroidal transformer of 100w power amplifier class is used for the current required for the crystal oscillator. The Ultra-high speed SIC diodes are newly adopted for rectifier diodes. The rectifier group is composed of numerous low-magnification, electrolytic capacitors of small size connected in parallel, while the regulator incorporates SOULNOTE’s unique non-NFB discrete power supply.

Quiet power supply domain

All unnecessary circuits like power supply LEDs, relays, etc. have been stripped from the crystal oscillator to provide a super-quiet power supply domain.

Housing prioritizing sound quality

The X-3 housing adopts unique new design. The housing consolidates features like air dump elimination through a dual non-rigid top plate, non-rigid AC inlets and - output terminals, three spike supports directly under the transformers, titanium washers, carbon washers, and more. Our core expertise has developed the highest sound quality.

Sample sound files

Click here for sound files that compare internal clocks and the X-3.

Output   SMA x 1
Output frequency   10MHz
Output impedance   50 ohms
Output level   1.0Vp-p
Power voltage   230V AC 50Hz
Power consumption   2W
Maximum external dimensions Main unit   430(W)×111(H)×376(D)mm
Weight   7.5kg
Included accessories   SMA–SMA dedicated clock cable, SMA–BNC converter plug, spikes, power cable

Rear panel

Included accessories
SMA–SMA dedicated clock cable, SMA–BNC converter plug, spikes, power cable

User Manual

Notes on this product

Never connect XLR-RCA converter cables, adapters, short pins, or similar connectors to analog output terminals. They could damage the equipment.

Temperature settings
The circuit current in SOULNOTE products relies on solutions with the highest emphasis on sound quality and safety. Functionality and sound quality generally improve when the transistors operate at higher temperature.。

Anti-vibration housing
SOULNOTE products place the highest emphasis on sound quality, so the top cover, chassis, and other components do not employ vibration isolation.

Regarding use of electronic equipment cleaners and contact rejuvenation products on SOULNOTE products
Commercially available electronic equipment cleaners and contact rejuvenation products could damage the resin components of SOULNOTE AC inlets. Do not use these types of chemical products on SOULNOTE equipment.