ZERO LINK is the ultimate digital link system between transport and D/A converter developed for achieving a goal that “ Leaving asynchronous circuits out from D/A converters to aquire high sound quality" formulated by SFORZATO and SOULNOTE. The improvement in sound quality by leaving out asynchronous circuits from the D/A converter is actually overwhelming.
And it is ZERO LINK that enables asynchronous circuits in D/A converters ZERO.

ZERO LINK not only sends Master clock signals and I2S signals, but also interactively communicates between Transport and D/A converter. That is, the transport transmits the format of the sound source to the D/A converter before playback first, and the DDS of the D/A converter generates a high-grade master clock synchronized to this format and sends it back to the transport. Then the transport generates a pure I2S signal synchronized to that master clock and sends it to the D/A converter again. As a result, ZERO LINK enables DAC and Transport completely synchronized with Master clock generated by DAC, and as a result enables completely leaving out synchronous circuits that can cause sound quality deterioration.

Click here to check ZERO LINK sample sound source.

Internal operation of a typical network connection

Both connection methods have asynchronous circuits in the D/A converter.

Network Player Configuration

USB DAC Configuration

LAN DAC (diretta) operation

Internal operation of ZERO LINK connection

In ZERO LINK operation, the D/A converter has no asynchronous operation at all.
Configuration of ZERO LINK when the transport is operated with UPnP A/V

ZERO LINK configuration when the transport is operated via USB connection

ZERO LINK configuration when the transport is operated with diretta




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